Saturday, May 7, 2011

To All of Us Moms

To all of us moms, whether in heart or heaven, whose arms are empty, whether of all our children or of any:

Love like a river
Courses through my veins
And it won't ever extinguish.
It's all for you.

My Lord holds me up
He holds you in his arms
Until He brings me home
To Him, and to you.

This lonely journey
On earth, feels eternal
Until I can look back one day
And see You were always there.

Anguish thick like honey
Nothing can wash it away
Why is it all I have?
Why don't I have your smile?

Who will call me 'mommy'?
The best mommy I can be,
I will.
Even though it feels like
Maybe I shouldn't be.

Hiding in my bed
I long to stay hidden forever.
One day I will emerge
A lush rose with dew drops.

Know this, my love is here
For always.
Love is eternal
My love is eternal.


  1. love this poem.
    Hugs to you Rebecca on this very difficult weekend for everyone...