Saturday, July 25, 2009

Please Don't Leave Me

I love this song by Pink.  My heart feels so sad today - I started my period before my beta from IVF #2.  I never knew that could happen.  I'm due to go in for the beta on Monday and found a surprise today on Saturday.  I'm on the Endometrin suppositories, but apparently, if it's not going to happen, then it's not going to happen.

I had suspected I wasn't pregnant,  but this adds insult to injury.  I'm still keeping up the progesterone so I won't beat myself up that I didn't continue it.  

We got our paperwork from the adoption agency yesterday.  Thank you, Lord, that it arrived before my period.  Hope is so hard to hang onto these days, and knowing we can move forward helps.  It's like the first step in a long, long journey.  I can't believe after all we've been through - IUIs, Clomid, an FET, 2 IVFs and 2 miscarriages - now we get to go down the long road to adoption!  

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