Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Family

We have 2 cats, Patch and Jersey.  Patch is my calico 'baby girl' - as I call her - and Jersey is DH's little best buddy.

This is a picture of each of them, Patch on top and Jersey, in our nursery, on the bottom.  It's hard to tell, but the nursery is a very pale green.  That chair isn't in there now, but the angel still hangs on the closet door.  I have 3 stuffed angels in the nursery, one for each miscarriage I have had.

It's amazing how smart animals are.  We have had Patch for 11 years, and Jersey for 13, going on 14 years now.  They can tell when I'm down, when I'm stressed and they know when I'm relaxed.  Their unconditional love has meant the world to me.  And when I have very little in my mind, in their mind, I am everything.

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